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In the last year, we have told some that a move was in the works for us. Our new location and phone numbers are located now at the top of the page. We're still here to give everyone the same honest and CHRISTIAN service as we always have. Give us a call and stop on by our new spot. Thank God, even though there have been rough spots along the way, we have been taken care of by Him. Even if you can't come by, we're just a phone call away if you need help with anything!

Please, let us know if we can help. Maranatha Lord Jesus, Amen!

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Late last year, Java made the decision to not guarantee support for Windows XP machines after the end of this coming April 2015. This is important, because a lot of hackers use Java to attack your computers. If Java cannot guarantee that you will be safe using Windows XP, then we have to warn everyone out there still using XP to come talk to us about upgrading before the end of April.

If you have bought a machine recently, then you most likely can upgrade to Windows 7. If it has been a long time, then you may want to come talk to us about our inexpensive updated computers and laptops. As always, we're here to help you, so give us a call.

Maranatha Lord Jesus, Amen!
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The sad truth is, no antivirus can protect you against Trojans and other types of spyware. They aren't designed to catch them, and even if they can find one part, they may never find the other, invisible parts that are the really bad ones. Why this is true today is somewhat complicated, so if you're not in the mood to read through geeky computer articles, then the simplest way to explain it is that antiviruses are designed to catch visible infections, and spyware is by its nature invisible and can't be seen.

That being said, we still can provide you with the absolute best protection--still for free--and do our best together with your help to make sure no one has to suffer through a spyware infection. There are two simple steps, and it begins with having just one and only one program. That program is Mozilla Firefox.

Now, if you are reading this page, you most likely have already been to our shop and you have Mozilla Firefox installed. However, just in case, that link will take you to the page to download it. The next thing to do after downloading the Firefox browser is to install it. You can do this by finding the installer that you have downloaded, double-clicking on the installer, and following the steps. Once it is done, you will be asked to make Mozilla your "default" browser. We recommend this because it is the safest way to surf the internet.

Once Mozilla Firefox is installed and you are using it, you have to take one more step towards protecting yourself, and that is you must never, never, never click on a pop-up advertisement window, this includes using the red 'x' in the corner! This is the harder step for most people to follow, because we are all used to clicking on the red 'x' to close up unwanted windows. These include advertisiment windows, but sometimes the pop-ups are fake update windows, or even windows that tell you something is wrong with your computer and it needs to fix it. How to get past the pop-ups if you don't click to close them? Two methods are the best way, and both are safe and acceptable. First, is to look at the bottom of the screen. You will see that the internet you have opened shows up down there as a box.Look closely, and you will see that there is a box that also represents the pop-up window.If you right-click on that window, you can close it from there and be safe. The second way is even easier, and that is to turn off the computer. When you restart the computer, you can go back to Mozilla and pick right up where you left off.

A lot of people vist our shop each week, and spyware is the number one cause. Nearly all of the customers we see did not know about the pop-up problem and how dangerous it is to click on the red 'x' to close one. So, be alert, and stay safe. Thank God for a wonderful country to live in, and don't forget that it is better to give than to receive!
r10 s Stephen Dixon    

Mozilla Firefox is the safest browser to use, and can save you many trips to the repair shop if you will make a habit of using it instead of internet Explorer. This link will take you to where you can download Firefox. Once on the website, look on the right-hand side to where it says "Download Now-Free" and click on that button. If you are installing Firefox for the first time, you will need to also check your plug-ins (those are Flash, Shockwave and Java) to see if they are up-to-date. If you are asked to update them at any time now or in the future, don't worry, you can do it without fear.You can check them, as well as browse all the cool add-ons for Firefox, at the top of that same webpage underneath the link that says "Add-ons." There's millions of awesome add-ons, including Family filters , Ad blockers , and tons more. Feel free to email me if you have any questions! Maranatha!
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